Valves for CNG applications

Our valve specialists for the future

Alternatives to mineral oil are available in gaseous form.

Natural gas will be available for much longer than oil. It burns cleaner and is less expensive than fuels based on oil. As a consequence the demand for natural gas filling stations will increase greatly. To this purpose, filling and refuelling stations need to be operated at high pressures and meet high safety standards.

Our offered solutions, particularly for natural gas applications, range from single valves up to a pressure range of 450 bar to valve blocks with 3 or 6 high pressure valves, optimised for natural gas filling stations.

Appropriate non-return valves and easily replaceable filter units are fitted ex works to our valve blocks.

These special high pressure valves are, for example, used in car tank systems and numerous other applications in mechanical and plant engineering, as well as for ventilation of gas and tank units and also for pneumatics.

Please note that the relevant valve designs can also be retrofitted for hydrogen applications.

If required, we can also supply you with our high pressure valves in ATEX design.