Force pilot operated solenoid valves

Valves of this type switch on at 0 bar and can be used where direct acting valves are used. However, they are supplied with smaller coils for higher pressures and larger nominal sizes if used above this application range.

The actuator opens a pilot borehole and then lifts the sealing element from its seat directly or supported by ?p of the operating pressure.

The special feature of this control system is that the actuator in the pressure range can open and close the valve without using the operating pressure.

In case of pressure differences, usually when opening the valve, the collected energy is used.

Special: No differential pressure is necessary in order to work.

Force pilot operated valves open and close independently of pressure and seal only in the direction of the arrow. The preferable mounting is with upright actuator. Please contact us before installing in a different position or into a riser.

In order to avoid water hammer effects an adjustable close muting is supplied as standard for sizes from G5/4 and DN32.