Pilot operated solenoid valves

Valves like this always need a pressure difference to the operating pressure to be able to open and close.

The minimum required pressure for this is stated as the minimum pressure in the technical data sheet. In this case, the actuator only has a pilot function, through which the main sealing element, diaphragm or piston, is relieved.

The medium pressure and/or the existing pressure difference lifts the main seal up. With this control type it is possible for little magnets to control high pressures with large nominal sizes.

We indicate a minimum pressure for our valves. The pressure differential is necessary, in order to lift the sealing element reliable or to close. Decreases the pressure differential under the indicated minimum pressure, we cannot guarantee a proper function.


  • normally open
  • increased pressure range
  • Position indicator
  • Ex-position indicator
  • Explosion proof
  • Manual operation
  • Basic quantity setting
  • Temperature design
  • deviating media and viscosities
  • Special flange ANSI
  • NPT-thread
  • Special voltages
  • free of oil and grease
  • Open-air assembly
  • free of nonferrous heavy metal
  • Close muting

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