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Valves overview

With over 40 years of experience in the field of valve technology, GSR product range includes not only valves for many different applications, but also offers high-level engineering expertise. Together with our partners, we have already developed over 3000 special valves and approximately 1000 valve options. We develop innovative products such as hydrogen applications especially for the future markets. In addition to short delivery times for flange valves, over 40,000 articles are directly available ex stock.

Valve options

In addition to a large number of special valves, over 3000 valve options have been developed so far. The product range includes, for instance, various limit switches, temperature spacers, controllers, etc.

Valve solutions for hydrogen applications

GSR offers a specially developed valve technology for hydrogen applications.  The products range from low pressure valves to high pressure valves as solenoid valves for the pressure range up to 900 bar or in pressure controlled versions up to 1200 bar. These valves are available as single valves, in cartridge versions or as valve solutions.

Special valves for CNG applications

As we have extensive experience in the field of high pressure and CNG, we offer valves in cartridge design or as valve solutions especially for natural gas filling stations. Dispenser blocks and priority panels can also be delivered as standard.

Valve technology for shipbuilding

Shipbuilding requires the use of precise, advanced components, which function absolutely reliably. We offer a comprehensive product range to precisely meet the highest requirements for these ship components.

Solenoid valves in shipbuilding

Here you will a selection of our certified solenoid valves with various licenses especially for shipbuilding.

Valves for carwash technology

Our offer encompasses all necessary components for carwash technology, including water batteries, foam generator, high-pressure valves for the pre-wash process, etc.

High Pressure Valves - Special

Here you will find an overview of valves that are used for high pressure applications of up to 1200 bar, for example, in fire-extinguishing systems, hydrogen applications, etc.

High Temperature Valves - Special

For high medium temperatures, safe and sturdy valves are required. In addition to solenoid valves, our scope of delivery also includes valves in direct-acting pressure controlled versions to meet the requirements in high temperature range of up to +400°C.

Solenoid valves with flanges

Here you will find an overview of our solenoid valves with flange connection. These are partly directly available ex stock.

Type 63-2R

The positioner (option 2R) is a coarse positioner with a very robust design and a simple construction. The integrated position encoder of the positioner operates wear-free. The position of the piston is determined via a programmable magnetic field sensor.

Type 52 HVS

Fluid flow-optimized solenoid valve for high viscosities up to 1500 mm²/s with co-axial pass for highly viscous fluids.

Solenoid valves made of PA66

These robust plastic valves for water offer a variety of uses. Special areas of applications include general agricultural and industrial applications.

Type 3/151

The PFA equipped pneumatic diaphragm valve of type 3/151 is especially suitable for corrosive applications. The actuator is directly mounted to the valve body.

Type 46 WA

Pilot-operated solenoid valve for water applications up to 80 bar. The valve is especially suitable for use in the carwash technology and fire-extinguishing systems.

IP68 Design

Encapsulated coil with IP68 for permanent underwater use. Usable for all control types!

Electric position indicator

In addition to an extensive range of valve accessories, our product range also includes electric position indicators. For more information, click here.

Reverse switching electronic Type 240/320

You can save up to 75% energy by using the reverse switching electronic type 240/320.

Switching electronics with LED & Diagnosis

With our energy-saving switching electronic, you can reduce energy consumption up to 91%. You will find more information here.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Here you will find our current standard terms and conditions for immediate download.