We take responsibility

GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG takes responsibility for a sustainable business. Building constant value is our objective socially, economically as well as environmentally.

Our “energy and environmental management” includes the corresponding actions and is the foundation for a future orientated, continuous improvement process.

Primary objectives

  1. Reliable collection of data regarding energy use and energy user.
  2. By methodical and structured action on the deviation analysis we are improving the energy efficiency continuously at GSR and are reducing environmental pollution.
  3. The use of new energy-saving technology is being proposed.
  4. The Lifetime cycle costs of installed machinery are increasingly taken into account on new projects.
  5. The use of recyclable material and a professional waste management. This applies both to the consumer goods in the company as well as manufactured products and its packaging.

Notes for our customer (draft of our BDA)

A resource-conserving operation should be ensured if possible.

The proper disposal of valves after their operational lifetime should not have any preventable effect on health or environment. Furthermore, we’re supporting a sustainable use of resources. It is recommended to separate waste and the waste management is provided by a local company which is specialized on waste disposal.