Valves for applications in the carwash technology

Standard and customized solutions for reliable valves

In the carwash sector, there are numerous applications for which a wide variety of valves is needed. Both simple solutions for neutral media and slightly aggressive fluids such as osmosis water and various chemical products are required. The areas of pressure ranges from low pressure to high pressure range up of to 150 bar.

Due to the limited installation space available, the valve combinations or blocks are a good option to meet this requirement. GSR Ventiltechnik has developed fittings that can be fitted in series – for both low and high pressure range. A wide variety of different combinations can thus be easily implemented.

GSR Ventiltechnik has its own development department with trained staff and high-performance hardware and software. We offer sound advice and a quick implementation according to the requirements of our customers.

For almost all applications in the autowash technology, we have developed a suitable valve – both standard valves and valves tailored to individual customer specifications.